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We provide unbiased emotional and physical support during the childbearing year. We are proud to offer childbirth classes, doula services (birth and postpartum), lactation counseling and placenta encapsulation! We provide services in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon Metro areas.

"This service is fantastic! I originally felt the need for this to help support my husband during this life changing event, but it was a great help to me as well. Thanks to them, my husband and I experienced a very wonderful birth of our daughter."

Crystal T.

Our Services

Childbirth Education

The birth of your child is one of the most important days in your life, however many people feel unprepared for this momentous day! Our wide variety of childbirth and newborn care classes are designed with you in mind. 

Each class is tailored to target all the topics new parents need to know so that you can feel as calm and confident as possible. 

We are proud to offer newborn care classes, natural childbirth classes, weekend intensives (we get it! Your busy and don't have time for a 12 week class series!), and private classes. 

Are you ready to reserve your spot in one of our upcoming classes?

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"I don’t know how we would have done it without these ladies. Their peaceful and powerful energy is essential when embarking on the journey of birth. They are so knowledgeable and offer so much support...if you are looking for a super team to guide you through the beautiful work of bringing a human into the world, then look no further."

Xanthia K.


What Makes Us Different?

Here at Columbia Crossings Doula Services we do things a little differently then other doula companies in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington. 

Firstly, there are two of us! We came together as a team in 2020 and we never looked back. Being able to work as a team makes it so we are able to offer a different, more comprehensive type of support to all of our clients. Right off the bat, we doubled our experience, knowledge and trainings just by joining forces. Next, we are able to ensure we always have backup for our clients should one of us be unavailable which has proven to be invaluable. Finally, we are able to support more families as a whole. No one person can specliaze in everything and they shouldn't have to! By working as a team we are able to maintain expertise in our chosen specialties without overwhelming ourselves or our clients. 

Next, we aren't what you might expect when you think of a doula. Half the time we are in yoga pants, beanies and t-shirts while parenting our own kids. We certainty do not "have it all together" and we will never pretend to! We pride ourselves on being authentic mothers and we don't sugarcoat parenthood or birth. Parenthood is hard! Childbirth can be painful! We aren't here to sell you on something else. Instead, we are here for every bump in the road. We will hold your hand along the way, we will laugh with you and we will cry with you. 

Here at Columbia Crossings Doula Services all of our clients are welcome to be a part of our family. We look forward to meeting you and yours and welcoming you with open arms. 

"I honestly couldn't do it without them. My husband and I had plenty of melt downs and they were quick to come to our rescue. They care immensely and are so tender with the little ones. And they both love dogs too! Mine sure misses them both. Worth every penny and hope to hire them again when we decide to have another baby."

Amanda M.


How does having a doula impact my partners role during the birth?

Our roll as your doula is never to replace your partner but instead to enhance the support they give you. We will spend many hours together prior to the birth so we can learn how we will work as a team and so we can clearly identify the roles we will each play. 
The support we offer will be different for everyone we work with but we always prioritize the support of existing relationships. If you have more questions about this we are happy to answer them all during our free consultation!

I live outside of Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington. What is your service area?

Absolutely! We are able to serve anyone within 30 miles of Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon. If you are outside of that radius and still interested in our in-person doula services we are still happy to work with you! We are willing to travel further distances for an additional travel fee that is dependent on your location. 

We have gone as far as Seattle, Washington and Eugene, Oregon to support our clients!

If you aren't interested in in-person support, we offer a variety of online support options as well. 

What does a birth doula do?

The short answer?
We provide physical, information and emotional support during the childbearing year (pregnancy through at least 3 months postpartum). 

The long answer?
As your birth doula we will provide two prenatal appointments where we go over all your hopes and dream for the birth of your baby. Next, we go on call for you at 38 weeks and stay on call until the baby is born! Once you are in labor, we provide continuous support to ensure you feel cared for every step of the way. We wrap up with a postpartum visit to check in on you and baby to see how everyone is adjusting!

I'm not planning on having a natural birth, should I still hire a doula?

Absolutely! Many of our clients choose to have an epidural during their labor and they still find our support to be very beneficial. 

No matter what you plan for your birth you deserve to have unwavering support from your birth team. We support you no matter what you choose to do in labor and we are on your side every step of the way. 

From completely unmedicated to elective cesarean's we support any birth that is right for you!

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